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Mailbag: Accept or Ignore LinkedIn Invitations from Unknowns?

Connecting with smart, ethical pros is rewarding. Connecting with creeps is not. Here’s how I filter requests before clicking ‘accept’ or ‘ignore’.

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What's Cookin'? Plenty, If You Have All The Right Tools

Think of platforms such as HubSpot and Volusion as well-equipped kitchens 

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A Great Web Platform Doesn't Guarantee Great Design

HubSpot provides excellent services and technology, but it doesn't build websites.

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Tales From Blunderland: Failure To Call A Halt

It's important to respect the law of diminishing returns when revising marketing material.

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Customize Your Introductory Pitch To Boost B2B Prospecting Responses

B2B Marketing & PR Expert, Fiona Hughes shares advice on how to show prospects that you've done your homework and understand their needs.

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Lean B2B Marketing: Few Tactics -> Fast Implementation -> Big Results

Be skeptical about new tactics -- especially if you're a very small marketing team.

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Surprise: Effective Networking Involves Working

If you are genuinely interested in firming up your connections, act like it

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Example Migration to Hubspot & DIFM Inbound Marketing Services

One client's path to the Hubspot platform and Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) inbound marketing services

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Inbound Marketing's Chutzpah Factor

Blog conversations are great, but those take an uncommon degree of chutzpah. Anyway, the point is to foster fruitful interactions (see infographic below).

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How Does B2B Inbound Marketing Ensure Sales Results? (It Doesn't)

Recently an overseas company got in touch seeking comprehensive services. In the course of exchanging information, I got a nice direct question about something that's usually an elephant in the room during sales.

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