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Chart: Cost Per Lead in Inbound Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

You've heard that the inbound marketing methodology provides higher return on investment than traditional marketing. How does that play out in a specific campaign?

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How I'm a B2B marketing consultant and sleep at night: 8 principles I live by

After all these years helping business to business companies, I have something to admit: I have a total inferiority complex about being in marketing.

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Chart: 7 differences between inbound marketing and common practices

There's lots of marketing blah blah out there about how inbound marketing focuses on drawing buyers in with quality content, and building a relationship with them by providing information that helps them.

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Webinar Marketing Checklist: 13 steps to get attendees & leads

Here is a checklist we made for a client to capture how to combine inbound marketing tactics to get the best attendance and leads from putting on a series of webinars. This checklist complements a Webinar Campaign Countdown Timeline that we'll publish separately.

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