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How Does B2B Inbound Marketing Ensure Sales Results? (It Doesn't)

b2b inbound marketingRecently an overseas company got in touch seeking comprehensive services. In the course of exchanging information, I got a nice direct question about something that's usually an elephant in the room during sales.

Q: I see you work on retainer. I see you charge $5,500 per month. How do you ensure sales results, especially since your fee is not tied to results?

A: I don't ensure sales results. I drive lead generation.

My team's expertise is in helping business to business companies attract potential clients using a specialized marketing method. Through close collaboration with clients on B2B lead generation and inbound marketing campaigns, my team and I have helped produce roughly $275M in sales opportunities for clients.

If needed, our work extends to Sales. For example, we prepare sales proposal templates, sales presentations, supporting case studies, and lead handling processes.

Q: What is a sales opportunity?

A: An active discussion with a highly qualified lead. Meaning the prospective client has budget to hire our client; has authority to hire our client; needs product/service our client can provide; needs product/service within 18 months; and will discuss needs with our client.

What you do

We rely on the client to call prospects who express interest in services and appear minimally qualified, lead sales presentations, determine the price and scope of work to propose, negotiate/answer questions during the sales process, and close.

Fees and scope

Yes, our fees do start at $5,500/month. Some clients are at $7,900/mo, some at $10,500/month, or at other levels. The fee depends on scope of work and pace. By pace I mean how aggressive our goal is re lead generation.

Other hairy (and very good) questions

I got criticism the other day from a guy I met on LinkedIn. He says I'm making a mistake by posting pricing on my LinkedIn profile and website. I'll tackle that topic in a post after I'm back from Europe :-)).

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