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Chart: Online resources critical in all phases of B2B purchasing

Enquiro’s most recent ”B2B Survey” whitepaper, based on responses from 1,000 B2B buyers, shows just how important it is to get it right when it comes to a company’s online presence.

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Chart: top 6 reasons webinar attendees bail

Webinars are like seminars - a group convenes to learn from an expert - except that you join from your computer. They're generally live, whereas webcasts are recorded content.

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Wanted: headshot with personality

The last time I had to send in a photo of myself, I automatically asked a coworker to grab the standard formal portrait. You know the kind, the head-and-shoulders photo also known as a mug shot.

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To do: clean grill, write will

I received this email from LegalZoom this afternoon and can't get over it the wry humor of the copywriter.

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When reports don’t match up

Has this ever happened to you: you’re tracking your email to see how many people open your message, how many click through to your website, etc. And parts of the report don’t match up?

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Benefits of using an email service provider

As business to business sales cycles get longer, marketing requires cost-effective nurturing. And nothing is more cost-effective for nurturing, than email. You know this. So, taking the bull by the horns, you've gathered up all the contact information from prospects' business cards and other sources. Now, should you send from your desktop or use an email service provider?

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