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B2B marketing’s future: the impact of social media

There were dynamite questions to Laura Ramos and me on today's Forrester teleconference about B2B Marketing Obsolete, Really? (Part III). Let's continue the conversation!

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New rules: business ethics and the rise of business blogging

Yesterday I participated in the CSUS Symposium on Personal and Professional Integrity in Business. I think I was the lone

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B2B news: An interview with Ron Trujillo, Sacramento Business Journal

A couple of months ago, rolled out a feature that lets readers comment on stories. Since then I’ve posted comments from time to time (example 1, example 2, example 3). I wondered about overall use of the online edition’s comments feature and other neat interactive elements I’ve seen rolling out.

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Tipping point for B2B social media marketing

A recent post by Shandi on the Golden Capital Network blog alludes to the challenge of keeping up with the latest communications methods. He alludes to Twitter as an example of a new technology that’s reached a tipping point.

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B2B technology marketing: solution-talk haters and feature-talk lovers

Do you think there are any feature-talk lovers?

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Business ethics discussions - the new rules of B2B communications

Two good sessions are coming up in Sacramento on business ethics - one on Oct 20th and one on Nov 18th. They're listed from most to least important (Elisabeth's talk will be twice as good as mine) - which turns out to be reverse chronological order. Turn the monitor over and read upside down, and you'll have it straight.

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Web Marketing in 2009 – a SARTA Leadership Series seminar

Cris Rominger and I will lead the Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA) Leadership Series seminar titled “How to Succeed at Web Marketing in 2009″ on Wednesday, October 15, 2008.

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B2B marketing: when I grow up, I want to be a DMS

David Meerman Scott (aka DMS) had some great advice about B2B marketing in his March 24, 2008 article in BtoB magazine, “Quit Living in Yesterday’s World”.

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