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Rebekah Donaldson

Rebekah ("Red") has worked in B2B marketing for 21 years and writes articles that reflect: 1) That she was in marketing directors' shoes for years before becoming a consultant 2) That her academic training was, fundamentally, about doing critical thinking, and 3) She thinks professionals and companies must earn trust in order to be successful.

Recent Posts by Rebekah Donaldson:

Content & Ethics: Why quality control isn't just a practical matter

A while back (I don't see a publish date on it now) I read a post by Sonia Simone titled "The First Rule of Copyblogger." It took my breath away then. It inspires and depresses me now. It gets me thinking about why, as a content marketer, I don't eek by with crappy content.

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Ethics: When a client's wrong, how much dissent is right?

I recently struggled with where to draw a line between giving advice to a client contact and escalating an issue in order to make sure that the client organization got the best results. Input welcome.

Topics: Performance Design

B2B Websites: Lead generation form dos & don'ts

Sometimes I pit my intuition against the real world at Which Test Won. One recent conversion optimization test on a lead generation form yielded results with a twist.

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Ethics, Leadership, and Protecting Veterans

"Veterans are not a charity, we're an investment." -Paul Reichkhoff

I've been moved by Peter Shankman's recent comments on Facebook about responding to the Paris attacks; Craig Newmark's posts leading up to Veteran's Day; and Paul Reickhoff's all-around badassness.

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Unbound: A different kind of roadmap

For years I've been online pals with Rick Roberge. When he gives advice, he serves it straight up. Now Rick and Unbound Growth co-founder Carole Mahoney have posted a 10-page whitepaper, "The Unbound Growth Map", designed to help new or established businesses get customers and get sustainable. Here are my takeaways from it.

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Here's what I say when asked how to pick images for LinkedIn articles*

Everyone who contributes articles to LinkedIn can put a 700x400 image at the top of their piece. The image accompanies the article title everywhere. But around 60-90% of articles contributed have images that are more liability than asset.

Below are the nine tests I subject stock images to, an example of a top contributor running particularly effective images; and a custom link for those with little time or experience choosing stock.

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135,000 Horsepower In 469 Words

A client is poised for launch... into the record books.

Topics: Performance Writing

Why the Executive Editor of LinkedIn Changed His Headline

Like alot of B2B marketers, I used to write headlines with numbers in them whenever possible — thinking they work the best. Here's what made me change my mind.

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Guesses, Fibs, & Reports: The 2 glaring problems with end-of-month reporting

At a Silicon Valley PR agency where I used to work, end-of-month reports were a giant combination of legitimate (albeit pretty late) information, guesses, and fibs. At B2B Communications, clients view results directly, as often as they want.

Topics: Performance

Mailbag: Accept or Ignore LinkedIn Invitations from Unknowns?

Connecting with smart, ethical pros is rewarding. Connecting with creeps is not. Here’s how I filter requests before clicking ‘accept’ or ‘ignore’.

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