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Lean B2B Marketing: Few Tactics -> Fast Implementation -> Big Results

Be skeptical about new tactics -- especially if you're a very small marketing team.

When we start working with a new client, the top executive often has some specific goals in

     Rebekah Donaldson, Founder of B2B Communications

With lean marketing, you
adopt any tactic that
seems likely to be effective,
and “fire” any tactic that
doesn’t help. 

mind. It may be an updated website, or starting a blog. We might add a few things to their list, such as creating a company page on LinkedIn or arranging for some speaking engagements to establish the executive as a leader in the field.

All of those are good B2B marketing tools, and there are plenty more. But no single tool or tactic is likely to generate the sustained increase in qualified leads that every client needs. Likewise, trying too many tactics at once can backfire. Outstanding return on investment (ROI) in marketing comes from adopting a process wherein you combine a few proven techniques, efficiently implement them, and frequently tweak them based on the results they generate.

Lean Marketing

I loosely call this 'lean marketing'. It means you adopt any tactic that seems likely to be effective, and “fire” any tactic that doesn’t help. It gives you a higher return on your marketing investment because the effort is concentrated and nimble. We have used this approach for nearly 100 client companies since the late '90s, and it has proved its effectiveness.

That doesn't mean we as a marketing firm know it all, or that we are infallible. We can't put together the right combination of tools unless we enlist the expertise of our clients, the people who know their niche and who have sat across the table from their own prospects and clients.

With the combination of our client's industry expertise, and our marketing expertise, we can generate plenty of new sales opportunities. When that happens, our clients can achieve greater choice and leverage, in the fastest, most cost-effective way.

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