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Repurpose case studies for higher ROI

When it comes to differentiating and nurturing for high-value sales, content is king. And case studies reign as king of high-ROI content.

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Dive for reporter interest

Does a particular competitor seem to be all over the news?

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Worst time to follow up

Marketers work hard to generate strong leads for the Sales team. So letting a good lead turn cold is money wasted, pure and simple.

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Who’s the right marketing partner?

There’s a lot at stake for business decision makers today. To lower their risks, b2b buyers are looking harder during longer buying cycles. More and more decision makers are joining the committee – and they’re taking their roles seriously.

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Just announced: MAK hires Business Communications Group

Just announced: MAK Design + Build has hired Business Communications Group for marketing consulting. More...

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Email marketing – dinosaur?

With all the buzz around newer marketing channels – blogging, RSS feeds, mobile marketing, and podcasting – it’s easy to question the value of email marketing. Is it still performing?

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B2B versus B2C – any difference?

It’s a question I hear a lot. And for good reason. Either way, you’re still marketing to a human being – right?

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Just announced: SilversHR retains B2B marketing consultant

Just announced: Business Communications Group has been hired by Sacramento human resources expert SilversHR. More...

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