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A Great Web Platform Doesn't Guarantee Great Design

HubSpot provides excellent services and technology, but it doesn't build websites.

  AL Website Homepage Screen shot went 
live last week on the 
HubSpot COS.


I just heard from a third party who had seen one of our client websites. They were really impressed. Knowing that the site is built on the HubSpot platform, our well-meaning fan said, "HubSpot builds great sites."

I can't tell you how frustrating it is to hear that sort of thing. HubSpot does not build great websites, or poor websites, or any kind of websites. HubSpot is excellent software, excellent technology, and provides excellent services. But they do not build websites. That's why there are plenty of mediocre websites built on the HubSpot platform, along with some great ones.

Tools, Meet Skills

That demonstrates how technology in the wrong hands does squat to move the needle for a company. You can reserve the most prominent billboard in town and still put up an ineffective advertisement. You can buy land in the best neighborhood and still build an ugly house on it. Likewise, the best platform for inbound marketing is no guarantee that the website itself will be any good.

We are avid users of HubSpot. We do recommend it to clients. We also recommend using a good web designer. And a professional writer. And someone who understands the best practices of inbound marketing.

Back in logic class, we made up examples of the concept: "Necessary but not sufficient." Now, 20 years later, I have a good one from real life: Good software is necessary, but ain't sufficient, to get what you want.

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