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B2B Lead Generation Blueprint: killer 12 week campaigns

Money talks

Over the last nine years, I have made a living at helping B2B companies generate leads. Through close collaboration with clients, we've helped produce $2B in qualified B2B leads and $225M in B2B sales opportunities for clients.

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Why One Style of Business to Business Communications Don’t Fit All

How to say it depends on where you say it

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Wanted: The Chuztpah to Resist B2B Marketing Laziness

Good content and ethics -- why responsible marketing takes courage.

By Rebekah Donaldson

A few minutes ago I read a post by Sonia Simone of Copyblogger titled "The First Rule of Copyblogger." It took my breath away. She writes,

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B2B Website Disasters (giant blobs and other sightings)

Repel visitors with ease

By Rebekah Donaldson*
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