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B2B Website Design Checklist

I always experience stress when about to hit 'publish' on a B2B website redesign. Sometimes alot, sometimes a little. Managing that led to making a mental checklist, which you'll find below. It's intended to help those directing or approving the redesign, to check whether a site really is going to do its job. In my experience, if I can enthusiastically answer 'yes!' to all 9 of these questions, we are good to go.

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B2B Websites: Lead generation form dos & don'ts

Sometimes I pit my intuition against the real world at Which Test Won. One recent conversion optimization test on a lead generation form yielded results with a twist.

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Unbound: A different kind of roadmap

For years I've been online pals with Rick Roberge. When he gives advice, he serves it straight up. Now Rick and Unbound Growth co-founder Carole Mahoney have posted a 10-page whitepaper, "The Unbound Growth Map", designed to help new or established businesses get customers and get sustainable. Here are my takeaways from it.

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Mailbag: Accept or Ignore LinkedIn Invitations from Unknowns?

Connecting with smart, ethical pros is rewarding. Connecting with creeps is not. Here’s how I filter requests before clicking ‘accept’ or ‘ignore’.

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What's Cookin'? Plenty, If You Have All The Right Tools

Think of platforms such as HubSpot and Volusion as well-equipped kitchens 

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Tales From Blunderland: Failure To Call A Halt

It's important to respect the law of diminishing returns when revising marketing material.

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Customize Your Introductory Pitch To Boost B2B Prospecting Responses

B2B Marketing & PR Expert, Fiona Hughes shares advice on how to show prospects that you've done your homework and understand their needs.

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Surprise: Effective Networking Involves Working

If you are genuinely interested in firming up your connections, act like it

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Inbound Marketing's Chutzpah Factor

Blog conversations are great, but those take an uncommon degree of chutzpah. Anyway, the point is to foster fruitful interactions (see infographic below).

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B2B Sales Skill - Is a Passing Grade Good Enough for Your Marketing Consultants?

I worry every time I meet with a potential client that B2B marketing won't move the needle because of a gulf between Sales and Marketing. Here's what I do about it.

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