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Rebekah Donaldson

Rebekah Donaldson

Rebekah ("Red") has worked in B2B marketing for 21 years and writes articles that reflect: 1) That she was in marketing directors' shoes for years before becoming a consultant 2) That her academic training was, fundamentally, about doing critical thinking, and 3) She thinks professionals and companies must earn trust in order to be successful.

Recent Posts by Rebekah Donaldson:

What's Cookin'? Plenty, If You Have All The Right Tools

Think of platforms such as HubSpot and Volusion as well-equipped kitchens 

Topics: Performance Lead Generation Design

A Great Web Platform Doesn't Guarantee Great Design

HubSpot provides excellent services and technology, but it doesn't build websites.

Topics: Performance Design

Tales From Blunderland: Failure To Call A Halt

It's important to respect the law of diminishing returns when revising marketing material.

Topics: Performance Lead Generation Design

Lean B2B Marketing: Few Tactics -> Fast Implementation -> Big Results

Be skeptical about new tactics -- especially if you're a very small marketing team.

Topics: Performance

Surprise: Effective Networking Involves Working

If you are genuinely interested in firming up your connections, act like it

Topics: Performance Lead Generation

Example Migration to Hubspot & DIFM Inbound Marketing Services

One client's path to the Hubspot platform and Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) inbound marketing services

Topics: Technology Performance

Inbound Marketing's Chutzpah Factor

Blog conversations are great, but those take an uncommon degree of chutzpah. Anyway, the point is to foster fruitful interactions (see infographic below).

Topics: Technology Performance Lead Generation

How Does B2B Inbound Marketing Ensure Sales Results? (It Doesn't)

Recently an overseas company got in touch seeking comprehensive services. In the course of exchanging information, I got a nice direct question about something that's usually an elephant in the room during sales.

Topics: Performance

FAIL: The Cold Calling Pitch on Cold Calling

Interrupting prospects won't likely put them in a buying mood, so why do companies still do it?

Topics: Technology Performance

B2B Sales Skill - Is a Passing Grade Good Enough for Your Marketing Consultants?

I worry every time I meet with a potential client that B2B marketing won't move the needle because of a gulf between Sales and Marketing. Here's what I do about it.

Topics: Performance Lead Generation