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B2B marketing consultant must-haves

To engage decision makers, B2B companies need to prove their value through a strong business case, build sites and other communications vehicles in a way that fosters trust, and pull in prospects rather than chase them. Helping companies get that done requires special skills.


B2B marketing consultant must-have qualities

If you’re a Marketing Director at a company that sells products or services to other companies, I think you need a team that:

  1. Focuses on B2B marketing. Because buying committees expect a powerfully built business case.
  2. Has a systematic approach. Because that’s the only sane, reliable way to project and get marketing results.
  3. Covers all major marketing disciplines. Because you need the right tool for each job.
  4. Excels in internet marketing. Because 92% of B2B buyers use online resources when looking for products and services.*
  5. Tests and reports. Because you need help to show others and steadily improve your marketing ROI.

Profile of an even stronger B2B marketing partner

There are other important traits. For example: 

  • Your B2B marketing consultant should be a trainer, because you need to build capacity.
  • They should be able to bury you in proof of performance, because you need consultants to back up their fabulous claims.

These qualities are not on the list of ‘musts’ because building capacity is not job one, and you always vet potential hires. It’s hard enough to find companies that fit the profile outlined in the bullets above. Let’s not make this mission impossible.

We argue in a forthcoming e-book called “The New Rules of Outsourcing B2B Marketing” why these qualities are must-haves. I hope to post it in the coming week. (Yes! David Meerman Scott’s ”New Rules of PR” e-book inspired our book’s title…thank you DMS.)

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