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Humor at work: 10 tweets that killed me

It was hard to pick just a few ‘best’ tweets from this fall. I started with dozens of favorites. Here are 10 that killed me.

10. @nick: Just got an invite confirming that anything described as “INCREDIBLE” is not. As in, “an INCREDIBLE tech/social media summit.”

9. @ilinap: My son says Cheesus instead of Jesus. Now Chuck E Cheese’s commercial on TV really has him confused. What does Chuck have to do w/ Cheesus?

8. @InsoOutso: I could nap on so many horizontal surfaces in this office.

7. @joshdmorg: There is a single fly in my office – he mocks me

6. @laughingsquid: Free giant squid on Craigslist, I would take it in, but I’m not sure if it would get along with our cats

5. @marklisanti: Pretty sure that Blagojevich believed that when he put on his enchanted hair-helmet, no one could eavesdrop on his corrupt thoughts

4. @marklisanti: Oh, darn! A bag full of loose turkey innards again! Guess I was on the naughty list. Thought I might find a new train set this year

3. @mriggen: My family’s emergency preparedness plan involves not just one but two trips to the liquor store

2. @nick: It’s the year 2008. Can’t they design pasta that screams just as it gets al dente?

1. @nick: How are there still typos on the Wikipedia page for meth?

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