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Fortune: execs dive deeper into Sunday emails

There is a thought provoking sidebar in the latest print issue of Fortune magazine (Sept 15th 2008 issue, page 22). It’s about executives doing business email on Sundays.

Fortune magazineThe original article is not yet at Fortune’s site. (Does Time Warne delay e-posting of Fortune magazine content on purpose? If so, what a shame.)

Fortunately some of the upshots are summarized in Christopher Null’s post “Sunday becomes ‘catch up on email’ day.” 

The thing that got me excited about the mini-sidebar is the distinction made in it between quality and quantity…

Fortune reports that, according to ExactTarget, open rates may be much lower on Sundays but that time spent with the issue is much higher.


Christopher Null Post ScreenshotChristopher Null suggests that,

“…for now it’s probably bad etiquette to start hassling your employees or pestering clients on their day off. But for more thoughtful issues like posing brainstorming questions or positing questions for extended mulling, Sunday may just be the best time to engage your colleagues since they aren’t overloaded with the daily pressures of work.”

Stepping back a moment, I have to admit that part of what got me excited is the fact that Fortune picked up this story. The insight itself is exactly the sort of thing MarketingSherpa brings customers in each year’s Email Marketing Benchmark Guide. 

The sixth annual edition of MarketingSherpa’s Email Marketing Benchmark Guide will be completed by October 2008.

But for now – since it IS Saturday afternoon – I’m raising a glass to a great little sidebar in Fortune.

If you someday spot the original article at their site, please post a link below.

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