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Benefits of using an email service provider

As business to business sales cycles get longer, marketing requires cost-effective nurturing. And nothing is more cost-effective for nurturing, than email. You know this. So, taking the bull by the horns, you've gathered up all the contact information from prospects' business cards and other sources. Now, should you send from your desktop or use an email service provider?

Use the ESP. If you haven’t become familiar with them, check out examples such as:

MarketingSherpa’s Email Marketing Benchmark Guide.As you ramp up, check your email marketing communications against the free checklist I’ve published, “Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes.”

Also, for the very latest in best email marketing practices, get a copy of MarketingSherpa’s Email Marketing Benchmark Guide.

What Counts?

ESPs aren’t free, but prices can be less than a penny per email, and you can have access to tools such as templates and the ability to track “click-through” rates.

An ESP also can make sure you stay on good terms with your Internet service provider. After all, the last thing you want is for your carefully crafted email campaign to be misinterpreted as spam. 

You have enough to do without managing the nuts and bolts of email deliverability and list updates… especially as the nuts and bolts are easily automated by use of an ESP.

p.s. This post was very nearly titled “Use an ESP, for heaven’s sake.” Fortunately, I remembered Tom Pick’s advice, in The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging, to avoid Wrath. Tom is my religion.

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