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Convergence of sales and marketing technologies

I just listened to B-TO-B Magazine’s webinar replay “The Convergence Of Sales And Marketing Technologies.” (scroll down to the third webcast showing on this page). 

But instead of the headache-inducing webinar replay, I recommend the Aberdeen whitepaper that came with the webcast.

I settled in for the 50 min webcast because I was curious to see if Aberdeen, one of the webinar presenters, might compare a solution like Eloqua with the Neolane solution. Our midsize and fast-growing small clients are on the lookout for affordable techniques for real-time integration between sales and marketing. I wondered if Aberdeen was onto the sort of solutions we’d experimented with.

The voice quality of the webcast is distractingly poor, and the presentation cut off part way through. And there is quite a bit of jargon to wade through. But in any case I think the upshot was:

1. Marketing and sales are poorly if at all integrated at most companies

2. The right software can solve the marketing-sales integration problem

—> Neocase is the right software to solve the marketing-sales integration problem

I think 1 is true. And, I’m sold on the importance of integration between marketing and sales. Here’s an example of how we’ve helped clients overcome the great divide, in my post Which B2B sales tools work?

I think 2 is false. The integration I’ve seen work is integration between teams – between people. It requires real time dialogue and human follow up internally in order to happen. That goes for extracting valuable information about clients and prospects from subscriber statistics, and other reports that potentially live in silos within marketing.

What’s your experience with this? Is my reconstruction of their case a straw man?

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