Strategic B2B Marketing Plans

    Take the Shortest, Least Costly Route

    After 20+ years helping CEOs, Business Owners, and Marketing Directors with marketing, we've noticed a pattern in which organizations get the best bang for their buck. When we onboard new clients, we ensure their marketing-for-leads roadmap steers clear of tactics that waste time and money.

    Developing Marketing-for-Leads Roadmaps

    Big picture first: If you are going to be Chief Marketing Officer as well as CEO, you need to take the shortest, least expensive route to getting found by the right people, starting meaningful conversations with the right people, and helping them through the sales process by alleviating any worries about/ objections to buying. Right?

    If you're already doing all three things well, you have a pipeline full of great leads. Go back to doing what you're doing! But if one of those things isn't going well, you need a better roadmap, vehicle and/or driver.

    Awareness Doesn't Cut It

    Marketing is not about creating awareness. Every faithful Pepsi drinker in the world is aware of Coke. Awareness alone isn’t going to persuade them to switch. Here are some other things that marketing isn’t about:

    • Branding
    • Reaching people
    • Search engine rank

    Here are some of the right reasons for a marketing campaign:

    • To get found by the right people at the right time
    • To start meaningful conversations with the right people
    • To help alleviate prospects’ worries about buying

    Take this quick test: Is your marketing helping your sales staff get into conversations with the right potential buyers? If it is, keep doing what you’re doing. If not, see if what we offer could be a fit with your needs.

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