Email Marketing Campaigns & Services

We help you gain and build wisely on email inbox permission, to create email marketing campaigns that nurture before, during, and after each sale.

Nurture clients and prospects at low cost

Here are two questions clients ask us about email marketing:

  • Should we switch to RSS feeds because so much email is blocked now by corporate firewalls?
  • Does email marketing still give a good bang for the buck?

As B2B sales cycles get longer, cost-effective nurturing becomes key. And email is still one of the most cost-effective techniques.

Email marketing best practices

Email marketing campaigns are a fast, inexpensive way to get your message to a target audience. But approach it the wrong way and your message will be treated as spam. We know the best practices that will help you get into inboxes, opened, and read.

Ramping up an email newsletter is a fantastic oppottunity to create two-way dialogue with your customer base. Asking permission can go hand in hand with communicating about fascinating things that only you can do and bring to their inbox. Carpe diem!

Reputation drives permission-based email marketing success

Your email reputation is what ultimately drives your email delivery. With the help of B2B Communications' trust-based marketing approach, you can ensure you're using best practices for opt-in, privacy policy, CAN-SPAM compliance, server management, HTML design, authentication practices, new subscriber practices, bad address management, email frequency, list hygiene, and more.

Success is more than opens and clicks

Open and click data are important indicators, but you need metrics that relate to your bottom line. We can help you implement a closed-loop approach, to see if your B2B email marketing campaign is accelerating sales.

Next Steps

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