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Academy Leadership

"From start to finish Red and the B2B team were a joy to work with. We started with very little knowledge about content marketing and came away with a firm understanding of not only what it can do, but also what it can't do. The website they helped us develop not only looks great but, more importantly, is fine-tuned for attracting our customers. It would have been a LONG trial and error process to get to where we are today without B2B's help." - Steve Alltop, Co-Founder, Academy Leaders

"Red and her team did a great job creating our website. She also helped us improve our LinkedIn profiles and created a company page. She even showed us how to craft sponsored content that has driven traffic to our site. Red knows the business and how to effectively put these tools to use." -- Bob Mason, Co-Founder, Academy Leaders


"Business Communications Group develops tools and strategies that deliver results." -- Lisa Forster, External Communications, Allstate Western Region


"I've been working with Rebekah Donaldson at B2B Communications for over a year now (she's a Hubspot partner). Rebekah and her team have done a GREAT job for me - my website grader rank has skyrocketed; the traffic to my site has gone from a measly 400-ish visitors a month to over 2,800; and I've attracted a much better "target" audience than I had before (my target audience is people here in Palo Alto OR international estate planning clients located overseas). You have to make an investment to get her… and she’s more than worth it. (And even though she’s booked solid, she always makes me feel like I’m her only client.)" - Janet Brewer, Owner, Law Offices of Janet L. Brewer


I had the good fortune of attending a 90-minute workshop about B2B Marketing that was recently put on by Rebekah and her team. I came away with several actionable items that I was able to start implementing right away - that very afternoon! - to improve my software company's marketing funnel. Rebekah's team broke down subjects that can be quite complex - internet/web marketing, SEO, SEM, etc - and delivered the key points that a business owner or marketer must know in simple, easy to understand and implement terms. - Brett Owens, CEO & Co-Founder of Chrometa, Marketing Director & Co-Founder at LeadDyno


“They saw where we were and where we needed to be. Now our public message clearly conveys our strengths and successes." Kathy Noorgard, CEO, Crescent Payment Systems (formerly PayDQ)


"Your speed on marketing projects gives us a real edge in the marketplace." -- Rachel Croft, VP/Marketing, Curon Medical (makers of Stretta® and Secca®)


“Rebekah works wonders in marketing. She gets the word out for your company. I highly recommend her work.” - John Felts, Cloud Solutions Architect, E55 Technologies, Inc


"Rebekah has a keen ability to keep people on task and reminding them to think of their customers when creating marketing strategies and materials." - Josh Morgan, Vice President, Edelman


Rebekah has a keen sense of what an effective marketing program should entail and a proven track record of success. I've recommended her directly to potential clients and will continue to do so. - Gene Endicott, Principal, Endicott Communications


"Rebekah is versatile and proactive about helping Ethoca. Since about September 2009, she has helped Ethoca improve its marketing. She redesigned and search optimized our website to lift traffic and leads; writes and designs sales brochures, presentations, articles, proposals, press releases, customer emails, and more. She has shown her ability to work with any team member, a partner or customer to get the job done but help position Ethoca as organized and professional. She gets deadlines and often comes in *early*. Above all she views marketing and lead generation from her clients' perspective, and always quickly prioritizes what needs to be done while looking for ways to add more value and grow the business." - Andre Edelbrock, CEO and Co-Founder, Ethoca


Rebekah is the real deal. You can rely on her (as I have) to be honest, and genuine, yet hard-nosed in her approach to getting things done in the best way for your business -- she's not afraid of casting headlong into a real challenge, and she's very apt to come up with creative results that help you succeed. - Tim McIntyre, CEO, The Executive Search Group LLC

Graphic Focus

I love working with Rebekah. She knows her stuff, keeps her word and does what she says she is going to do. She is a brilliant marketer and does an outstanding job of servicing her clients and taking really great care of her vendors. She is brilliant at making sure their expectations are more than met; she works to delight them, and in a business climate where good enough seems to rule the day, her know-how and way of being always leave those she has served or worked with feeling great about the process and the final product. - Joe Zaniker, President & CEO, Graphic Focus


"Rebekah is creative and insightful; she can conceive and, just as importantly, communicate cutting-edge marketing strategies for organizations of all sizes and budgets." - Meg Arnold, when CEO, SARTA; currently Principal, GSD Consulting

HR Matters

"I am so happy to of found Rebekah's company. Once I found her company on the web I read one of her ebooks. After reading the first page I was hooked. She is an expert in Marketing and Inbound Marketing. I have been able to apply her expertise and see results in my website's seo. Thank you Rebekah." - Michael Allen, CEO, HR Matters


“RED is a brilliant B2B marketer. Her thoroughness, patience and professionalism is unrivaled. She's developed amazing marketing processes and methodologies that help her to efficiently deliver reliable traffic, lead generation and customer acquisition results for her clients. Unlike most marketing agencies, she's focused on what's important to b2b companies: sales results. I've observed how she skillfully takes promising products and service companies and helps them leverage the web, marketing software, creative content and refined online lead generation approaches to take companies to another level. You should only hire her company, Business Communications Group if you're willing to follow her advice and processes to a T and let her work her inbound marketing magic.” - Peter Caputa, VP, Sales, HubSpot


Rebekah is absolutely focused on providing measurable, meaningful results for her clients. She is an innovator and thought leader in B2B marketing. Rebekah has a unique combination of smarts, talent and grounding that makes her stand out as a person and professional. - Christine Kohn, Principal at IN Communications


Rebekah was instrumental in helping Infinium Communications package and develop its marketing message in a way that allowed us to quickly and concisely communicate to our target market. We look forward to working with her again when the time comes to expand our marketing efforts! - Patrick Wefers, CEO, Infinium Communications

Ingram Micro

"Rebekah has been a wonderful collaborator in helping us "raise our game" when it comes to Marketing. She has not only been a creative visionary but has also excelled at the tactical execution that turns ideas into actions and results." - Jeff Palazzo, when Director/Sales at SOS; currently VAR Program, Ingram Micro


"If you're looking for a super-sharp mind, great insight, and professional expertise, look no further: Rebekah has all of these. Working with Rebekah and her team has been delightful, as well as an important learning experience. I'm happy to recommend her as an expert, and as a person of integrity." - Leon Segal, PhD, Founder & Partner, Innovationship LLC

"Working with Rebekah and her crew has been an education for us, and it's been a pleasure to collaborate with someone who has a high degree of integrity and honesty. From the start, she was committed to making our business successful, and has looked for new ways to make that happen, including tasks that were not in our original scope. Fortunately, she is supported by a great team with the skills to execute extremely well, even as our goals changed. I recommend her without hesitation." - Scott Underwood, Partner, Innovationship, LLC

Innovative Disruption

"Besides integrity and thoughtful involvement in her client's projects, Rebekah has assembled a great team of professionals with deep expertise in their areas of specialty. Deep enough, that if you are using Hubspot as a platform for your website, I would make an unqualified recommendation that Business Communications Group should be at the top of your list as a services partner, even if you're already using someone else. They get site design, SEO, social media, content driven marketing, webinars, "inbound marketing" and many other important "new marketing" disciplines, but more importantly, they don't focus on technology for its own sake, but rather on always targeting the desired business results. Bottom line: if you want more qualified leads and more revenues and someone who cares about your business, talk to Rebekah. If you just want a pretty website, you should probably go elsewhere because you aren't going to get along." - Paul Paetz, when VP/Marketing, Ethoca; currently CEO, Innovative Disruption, Inc.


“I just have to stop wishing we’d met you last year." -- Ken Kirsch, Owner, MAK Design+Build

Anne Holland Ventures

"It's not easy doing a presentation at a business cocktail party when 75+ guests are networking like crazy and might resent an interruption, but Rebekah more than pulled it off. She added to and edited the PowerPoints so the deck would be highly compelling to the audience, and spoke interestingly about her partners at HubSpot. She was our dream presenter; and, I hope she speaks again at our events." - Anne Holland, when Founder, MarketingSherpaPublisher, currently WhichTestWon


"Business Communications Group directed a media tour aimed at helping Medem build relationships with key writers in the top national business magazines. "We are very pleased with the traction Rebekah and her team have provided." -- Jason Best, former Sr VP/Marketing, Medem


"Experts at business to business marketing. The consulting, advice, knowledge and expertise they bring to any project or client engagement is outstanding. Their use of inbound marketing techniques and e-mail marketing have proven results and demonstrate a good ROI for the clients. If you're needing to generate more leads and convert more prospects into clients for your business, there simply is no better B2B marketing firm than Business Communications Group." - Geoff Sakala, Founder, MetroMedia Distribution


"Rebekah Donaldson and Business Communications Group have provided excellent services to two of the companies I own, for nearly a decade. We rely heavily on her expertise, unique approach, and straight forward business sense. She consistently delivers exceptional return on investment with incredible turn-around. Networking with Rebekah has also provided opportunities with companies that have become solid customers and clients." - Mark Ryan, AIA, J.D., as co-founder, Ad Hoc Communications Resources; currently of Counsel at O'Connor Construction Management, Inc.


I've been working with Rebekah for about two months now and am about half way through my project with Business Communications Group. The entire process has been an absolute pleasure. Rebekah was able to explain her concept for my marketing strategy with precision and clarity. She always has the ROI and end result in mind. How refreshing! All of the deliverables have exceeded my expectations. She has also provided numerous ‘value adds’ that have helped me clarify and hone in my marketing and sales strategy. I would recommend Rebekah to anyone interested in a high quality, high service B2B marketing agency. - Van Haas, CEO, Peak Cost Containment


“You helped to educate hard-to-reach national business and technology trade media contacts about the Qualys value proposition and the critical importance of increasing safeguards on patient information.” -- Elizabetta Cattaneo, Marketing Director, Qualys

"Rebekah is one of my "go to" service providers. She knows B2B marketing cold, and provides impressive service to her clients. She customizes every solution & marketing plan to whatever needs are present, and has proven herself quite able to deal with myriad personalities. I've always enjoyed working with her as well--a great bonus!" - Jenn Steele, when IMC, Hubspot; currently Vice President, Client Services, Digital

SAP Global Consulting

We hired Rebekah to develop a roadmap in response to a major shift in our business. Rebekah took us through a structured process and contributed innovative and thoughtful insight to this process. Great job! Smart, pragmatic, high integrity person who thinks in terms of results, profitability, and delivery NOW! - Barrie Day, Managing Partner, SAP Global Consulting, LLC


"You did an outstanding job on the seminar, How to Succeed at Web Marketing. Attendance was among the highest for sessions over the past year. Your expertise is extraordinary." J.D. Stack, former CEO, Sacramento Area Regional Technology Association

Silvers HR

"This is the most efficient time I have spent with a consultant in a very long time. I am impressed." -- Kim Silvers, Founder and CEO, Silvers HR


I offer my highest recommendation for Rebekah Donaldson and her firm’s business marketing services for their expertise, business connections, capabilities and bottom-line results in all areas of B2B marketing. We’ve worked with Business Communications Group for almost 3 years now. We initially engaged with Business Communications Group to completely makeover our website, which went very well. They transformed our website from an information portal to a lead machine. I am proud to say that I get praise weekly from those who visit our site, and that we get net new valid prospects from our website weekly. We’ve been published in over 20 venues in the last 18 months. We’ve garnered awards and had many speaking engagements and panels, developed over a dozen customer case studies with spot-on Return on Investment data, gotten guidance on choosing and configuring a new Microsoft CRM-based contact database; and refreshed our logo and entire collateral set using a very innovative approach which blends printed materials with electronic media. I cannot say enough about Business Communications Group’s expertise, professionalism and ROI-driven approach. They are informed about marketing best practices, and blend this with a keen focus on “real-world” reality, continually honing our approach to get the most bang for our buck, and hit the target. I find we’ve refined our sales processes and lead follow up due to the focus we’re putting on marketing and results. I offer my highest recommendation for Business Communications Group to businesses wanting to accelerate growth, and customer loyalty. Business Communications Group has the fresh perspectives, and proven skills to help your business meet its goals through marketing. I will make myself available to speak to anyone who would like more information about what Business Communications Group has done for SOS. - Gia McNutt, President/CEO, SOS (Special Order Systems Inc)


“I had the opportunity to work with Rebekah extensively over a period of time and found her to be extremely creative, dedicated, and a real pleasure to work and brainstorm with. She is not only knowledeable and experienced but also a great listener, and very adaptable. She is a tremendous resource.” -- Bob Burger, past COO, Surewest Wireless

Sutter Health

"Business Communications Group came strongly recommended by those in its industry. In a competitive process, they stood out." -- Lori Thielen, Marketing Director/ Sacramento Sierra Region, Sutter Health


"Rebekah is an expert at PR and marketing in the technology sector. She is very thorough and detailed. She has broad reach and an excellent reputation in the Sacramento region." - Michele Wong, CEO, Synergex Int'l Corp and CleanWorld

Tech America

"We chose Business Communications Group because they are experts in business-to-business communication, have high tech marketing experience, and have previously done valuable work for the Sacramento Council." -- Betty J. Baker, former Executive Director, Silicon Valley/ Northern California Council, AeA (now TechAmerica)


"We handed you a tall order and a short deadline. Your commitment completely blew me away.” -- Nicolette Bautista, past CEO

About Us

We are a business to business (B2B) marketing agency helping companies accelerate trust, leads, and growth. We help Marketing Directors and Business Owners engage more potential clients, while using limited resources.

Note: From 2001 through 2014, we were known as Business Communications Group LLC. In 2015, we started doing business as B2B Communications.