Client Services, B2B PR, Prospecting

    Fiona Hughes

    Fiona has 21 years' leadership experience in B2B marketing and B2B sales, including sales management at high tech companies. Fiona has led product and company launches; organized U.S. and international press and analyst tours; secured meetings with decision makers at Fortune 100 companies; and landed positive press, product reviews, awards, and keynote opportunities. Earlier in her career, she held posts in the British and the Australian diplomatic services.

    Fiona joined B2B Communications in 2003. She is focused on managing our team's work for clients, accelerating lead generation through hands-on list building and prospecting, and leadership of all public relations activities. She has an active role in client strategy, manages news pipelines, and raises client visibility on a day-to-day basis by securing product reviews, speaker engagements, contributed articles and case studies. By maintaining excellent media and analyst relations, Fiona has obtained coverage for clients in the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Investors Business Daily, Time Magazine, 48 Hours, CNBC, the Economist, USA TODAY, Fortune, as well as trade publications such as InfoWorld, CIO Magazine and Network World.

    "Fiona is effective, consistent, versatile, and fearless," says B2B Communications founder Rebekah Donaldson. "If she thinks a prospect should meet with our client, or a publication should publish our client's case study, she is thoughtful and persistent about making it happen. And, wherever she is and whatever she's doing, her antennae are up for new angles and opportunities to jump on for clients."

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