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Dealbreaker #3: B2B Internet Marketing Is Nice

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NOTE: This article is part of the fluff-busting Dealbreakers! series (inspiration: 30 Rock).

JT: Is Internet marketing really necessary?

Red: Well, maybe a better question is: "Are you visible to decision-makers?" 

A recent survey of 4,000 B2B buyers by MarketingSherpa showed that 80 percent went and found their marketing company. This demonstrates a shift in power. Your prospects are out hunting for vendors and you have to be present where they are looking. A smart B2B internet marketing campaign can help you magnify your attractiveness. 

Four tactics can raise your visibility and build demand for the long-term.

1. Search Engine Marketing: Focusing on keywords, keeping your site current and connected.

2. PR 2.0: Publishing articles and commenting and guest-blogging in all the right places.

3. Tailored Communications: Helping people make good decisions.

4. Ongoing Monitoring: Keeping tabs on how you are perceived in the digital world.

All of these strategies involve the Internet at their core.

Take Away: If you hear from a B2B agency that internet marketing is not important, that should be a dealbreaker.

Your Turn: How do you get found online? Share your best practices.

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