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Dealbreaker #1: What You Need Is...

How do you know if your prospective B2B Marketing Partner is a good fit for your organization?

In this special audio blog, we share a tip-off that you may not be working with the right company.

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NOTE: This article is part of the fluff-busting Dealbreakers! series (inspiration: 30 Rock).

Red: What if you went to see an optometrist you hadn’t met before, and, before testing your vision, he said, “surgery can help you.” Wouldn’t that be weird? The equivalent happens in marketing all the time. Just Google “marketing consultant,” call the first 10 companies listed, and ask them what you need. The good ones will insist on building a foundation before diving into tactics. They’ll link marketing goals with business goals, and ensure that the marketing planning is grounded in real client and prospect perceptions. In short, the initial focus should be on methodically preparing your firm to attract and quickly capitalize on a moment’s attention from a prospect. A focus on a particular tactic right out of the gate can make you wonder: Does this marketing consultant see all the options? How can they confidently recommend this over the others at this point?

Take away

If you wouldn’t trust an optometrist who gives you advice before checking your eyes, don’t trust a marketer who pushes a tactic before checking your marketing.

Your turn

Did we get it right? Leave anything out? Chime in below.

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