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2010 Blog Mission: Kill Boring Stuff


Blogging for SEO = mind numbing boredom

In my experience, one of the biggest hurdles any blog, newsletter, website has to overcome is sheer boredom. So much content that's pushed out -- especially stuff written with SEO in mind -- is mind numbingly boring.

Blog content is for blog readers. Readers like new and different. Readers are easily bored.

It's tempting to keep churning out "top ten ways to blah blah blah" stuff, packing it with keywords -- or to keep churning out announcements, packing it with marketing messages.

I do some of that, somewhat guiltily, knowing it's more boring than the other stuff. It's a continuing battle for me when it comes to the content balance at this blog.

Being controversial = being rude?

One thing that's not boring is being controversial. But does that mean being rude? No!

I think this is the breakdown:

Bad idea:

  • Ad hominems
  • Offensive jokes
  • Mocking/ sarcasm
  • Posting/commenting with the intent of embarrassing someone or winning an argument

Good idea:

  • Frank
  • Edgy
  • Direct
  • Transparent
  • Admitting one's own weaknesses/ uncertainty when appropriate
  • Posting/commenting with the intent of helping

I have a friend who's really good at walking this line in his blog posts.

What's not boring?

What else isn't mind numbingly boring? Perhaps doing more on this blog regarding...

  • Screw ups
  • Disasters
  • Flops
  • Failures
  • Blunders
  • Mistakes
  • Backfires

I think that may be our theme here on this blog, in 2010.

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