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My dirty little secret about social media marketing

By Rebekah Donaldson

Alot of the questions I've fielded lately have had to do with social media marketing. But I have to tell you what I'm secretly thinking, and not saying, when answering those questions on the topic.

What I'm secretly thinking is,

"Why are we still talking about this? Social media is nothing special."

Which makes me sound very grouchy. And not very "I'm excited to help you find the right answers" - ish. Which is why I keep mum about it.

But, really, it's another way of communicating! Soon the fuss will fade, and it will be as normal as using email or a cell phone. No big deal.

Good old silver lining

One upside to it seeming like a big deal, though, is that companies seem to be feeling some heat to talk more with their customers in the ways and places that customers want to talk.

In the end, that's got to be a good thing. Like a diet someone else enforces... but the opposite. You know what I mean.

After the buzz

Wouldn't it be wierd if a business didn't have a phone number? Or a website? (I do know of one company whose founder insists on not having a website. I'd point to them here but...)

Not having any social media presence is not quite that wierd - yet.

But after 2010 it may be. social media marketing

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For me, the specific case-studies are what are most valuable. Those really help with understanding real-world possibilities and ideas for practical implementation.

The note I got this morning said, "there are 14 copies left and the offer ends Nov. 30 or when the final copy is sold."

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