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2010 Email Marketing and PR - What's Different?


Using 2010 best practices to engage prospects and speed up sales

2010 Email and PR

By Rebekah Donaldson

Hats off to Meg Arnold, Laura Good, and other members of the Sarta team for producing yesterday's seminar 2010 Trends in Marketing and PR

2010 email trends we discussed


  • Prospects have control - adapt to succeed
  • Email is competing with social media for attention
  • Is email obsolete because of social media? (no)
  • Far and away email is most popular for sharing
  • Email marketing budgets are up

Top 4 tips to improve email results

2010 PR trends we discussed

  • Adapt to succeed
  • Microphone vs interactive PR
  • Is PR obsolete because of social media? (no)
  • PR is social
  • " Someone always pays"
  • "'Solution’ is not the solution"

Top 4 tips for improving PR results


  • Steadily produce good content
  • Know your top 10 keywords
  • Write optimized press releases
  • Point to helpful landing pages

Get my slide deck.

(I also posted it using LinkedIn's presentation sharing app, here.)


Audience questions


My co-presenters Donna Chabrier and Ryan McCann were great. Authentic, insightful, and quick on their feet.

Being quick on one's feet was important because the audience was not taking our advice lying down! There were great questions during the session, and lots of post-seminar dialogue. I hope we can continue the Q&A in the comments section.

Special thanks

Laura Good did a great job pulling the event together. She has created a Twitter list of tweeters who came. Thanks Donna and Josh Morgan for recommending me as a speaker. Thanks to my colleague Robert Celaschi - though thousands of miles away yesterday, he was very helpful. And thanks Todd Lebo for access to the MarketingSherpa 2010 Email Benchmark Report.

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