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From the Shocking Marketing No Nos Department

A high profile marketing automation company assuming permission — in an email with subject line “B2B marketing best practices”? Sounds too ironic to be true.

Last week I noticed a nice clean online ad by Marketo for a whitepaper. I clicked it and saw a landing page that made it easy to get what the ad had offered. I requested the whitepaper. The confirmation page that popped up invited me to engage with Marketo in other ways — right when they had my attention.

Here’s a shot of the confirmation page — good stuff. Bravo!

shot of the confirmation page

The next day, this email arrived:

email arrived

If my image is too hard to read, it says:

“When you recently visited, you requested information from us via email. I think you will be interested in other B2B marketing best practices, so I will send you an email every two weeks for the next few months…”

My emotional response: “You bastards! You will do no such thing!”

My actual email reply: “Shame on you for assuming permission. You know better than that — c’mon guys.”

My blogger brain’s snarky thought process: “Another lovely No-No for my bloopers folder! Thank you marketing companies who make ironic blunders, may I have another?”

What do you think?

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