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B2B marketing services pricing – an elephant in the room

Today we rolled out fixed-price marketing services packages — and have been asked by a number of colleagues why in the world we’d show our hand this way. Here’s my two cents.

Value is a ratio – it’s not just about benefits

Doesn’t providing entry-level packages with clear pricing attract the wrong sort of prospects?

No. The best prospects know that value is a ratio… a ratio of benefits received to investment made.

To make good decisions about value, they need to know about both.

Paradox of success

And, paradoxically, the better we’ve become at earning status symbols like valuable inbound links, speaking engagements, top Google rank, and the like, the more anxious our best prospects become about whether they can afford our expertise.

Anxious is bad. So our new packages are designed to provide an anxiety-free context in which to think about going to first base with us.

No fear

For marketing consultants, price is the elephant in the room. Marketing Directors and small business CEOs need to know fees in order to make good decisions.

So we’re calling it out. We provide killer value, so we try to have a “no fear” approach to information sharing.

This is the first published guide I know of re Sacramento marketing services. Am I missing something else out there? Please weigh in.

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