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Humor at work – 10 entertaining finds

Here’s a countdown of 10 toons, articles, and videos I can’t stop laughing over.

Oh, business humor, if I had more chutzpah (and you’d think I have a headstart on that, with the ‘kah’ in my name), I’d make you myself.

But at least I’m doing the next best thing… collecting the most entertaining things I run across at work. Not all are about business. But all of them have been useful while doing business.

Sorry to post links rather than images. I know it’s not very sexy. But I don’t want folks with traditional copyrights (versus Creative Commons copyrights) to yell at me.

10. “…[whereas] the run-of-the-mill Amazon bracelet provides no special protection.” — Wikipedia entry revealing details of Wonder Woman’s bracelet technology

9. “Dude, Cold Calling Is For Losers” – Hubspot video

8. “You should invest all of your money in diseased livestock…” – Dilbert cartoon

7. “Free giant squid on Craigslist. I would take it in, but I’m not sure if it would get along with our cats.” – LaughingSquid tweet (ok, I snuck in one tweet!)

6. “Let me see the first one again.” – Tom Cheney cartoon

5. “Twitter in Real Life – the Follow Back” – Hubspot cartoon

4. “How about never? Is never good for you?” – Robert Mankoff cartoon

3. “Just build these features into your web site. They’re like an internet marketing mullet.” – Conversation Marketing article

2. “Work-chair with a giant no-distraction hood.” – BoingBoing

1. “I love market analysis, Fred, but my heart’s with the World Wrestling Federation.” – Leo Cullum cartoon

I’m pretty sure I’ve violated the “Do Not Make Fun of Your Industry” rule set out by Brad Shorr in “The 5 Rules of Business Humor“… probably several times. But I think people can handle it. And there’s good reason to think so… the New Yorker Store gets $125 for a framed print of each of their cartoons!

So… what’d I miss?

Next up: 10 tweets that kill me

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