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New rules: business ethics and the rise of business blogging

business ethicsYesterday I participated in the CSUS Symposium on Personal and Professional Integrity in Business. I think I was the lone Sacramento marketing consultant. The event was excellent - it surpassed my expectations.

Congratulations to Christina Bellon, Russell DiSilvestro, and the whole CSUS Philosophy Department on a job well done. Rick Shubert introduced me, moderated, and paraphrased questions from the audience - the better to capture them on the video recording and to clarify the essential point for speakers. I nominate Rick to moderate the presidential debates in 2012. Can I get a second?

Standouts in business ethics

I was thrilled to see colleagues, including Elisabeth Brinton, in the audience, when I offered my session, "The New Rules of Business Communications - Business Ethics and the Rise of Business Blogs." My only regret is that, because of a client committment, I missed the morning keynote by Ed Hartman of the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Business blogging questions posed by the audience

Some of the questions from the audience yesterday:

  1. What can be done [in the blogosphere?] to recognize and support the authenticity of the individual voice?
  2. What can be done to protest against false accusations online?
  3. Do you think that the anonymity of online forums creates a tendency on the part of participants to fight against rather than for a cause? Do you think it gives rise to conflict-oriented interactions?
  4. Do those in marketing have a robust fiduciary obligation to their employers or are they merely a means to their employers ends (so long as those ends aren't evil)?

If you attended or have on-topic feedback, comments (or, please, for heaven's sake, answers!), use the Comments area below to chime in.

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