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Tipping point for B2B social media marketing

b2b social media marketingA recent post by Shandi on the Golden Capital Network blog alludes to the challenge of keeping up with the latest communications methods. He alludes to Twitter as an example of a new technology that’s reached a tipping point.

He writes:

Brooks Jordan discusses trends, for instance, Twitter and why and how some things are successful, when some are not. In the digital age there is so much growth. How does one keep up with it all and who gets left behind?

(In my own experience it’s more challenging to keep up with questions/comments on LinkedIn, and questions/comments in business blogs I follow, than it is to keep up with Twitter updates — but that’s probably just me. Also, I find Malcolm Gladwell the most illuminating regarding tipping points – his ideas are summarized in this Tipping Point wikipedia entry.)

Anyway, after the long excerpt from Jordan, Shandi says,

Everyone needs to realize that the digital world will go on whether we learn to change with it or not. Might as well, roll up our sleeves and stop sniveling and get down to business.

Cone’s 2008 Business in Social Media Study Fact Sheet says that sixty percent of Americans use social media, and of those, 59 percent interact with companies on social media Web sites. One in four interacts more than once per week.

I’ve posted two of their charts at our site.

To Shandi’s point: yes, let’s roll up sleeves and get cracking. After all, what’s the alternative? Not striving to keep up? That would be like deciding not to use email anymore because I get alot of it. 

On the bright side

If you would like to tone your business-participation-in-social-media networking muscles, you can meet me in these forums:



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