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B2B Technology Marketing: why Sacramento will be a green tech hub

b2b technology marketingThis morning was the “Future of Green Business in Sacramento” forum hosted by the Sacramento Business Journal. The event, moderated by Ron Trujillo, was sold out in advance. And a Monday article at Greentech Media, “Can Sacramento Become a Greentech Hub?“, cited four reasons to think Sacramento will be a green technology hub. Namely:

“1. A university bent on commercializing its technology….

“2. A big technology executive alumni club….

“3. Cozy government relations….

“4. Property values….

These insights jive with what I see in the board rooms of organizations working to position our region for growth. There, key business and technology leaders are working as passionate volunteers to kick Sacramento up a notch.

Here are just two examples: 

  • The Marketing Committee of the Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance is now headed by Scott Lenet. Among other projects, SARTA is accelerating the development of clean energy technology ventures here. Scott’s agreeing to oversee SARTA marketing is no small committment. And it brings remarkable value to members and affiliates of SARTA.
  • The campaign for a Powerhouse Science Center is co-chaired by Michele Wong – one of the 100 most influential people in Sacramento. Powerhouse will celebrate the breakthroughs coming out of our region in green energy, high tech, food science, biotech, and other areas. It’s success will contribute to better regional test scores, job growth, and innovation. (Get Powerhouse email updates.) 

The fifth element: passion

So there’s a fifth thing we’ve got going for us. It’s not quite captured by “technology executive alumni club” — though that’s close. It’s a something that is harder to quantify but perhaps even more important:

5. Passionate, influential volunteers determined to kick Sacramento up a notch…

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