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Web CMS 101

I’ve been asked a number of times about our web content management system for clients. Here’s how it works.

You already have a website, but rely on a web expert to make changes. Or you can make changes to your website, but your site doesn’t show up in search results on Google. Now meet the web based content management system that builds your in-house capabilities and improves your marketing ROI. Business Communications Group offers a web based content management system that works on Mac and PC. It lets you manage many website updates yourself.

Here are a couple of samples:

- Business Communications Group’s own website, was launched and is maintained using it. 

- Two clients, Infinium Communications and MSD Health, launched websites in ‘07 using starter accounts in the system.

Creating an account is completely free. Once you have your account, you can add any number of websites. You choose which package to apply to each website – pricing depends on how many pages you want, how many people need to have access, and how much help you want on design. You can change a website’s package or cancel a website at any time. When you create an account, it comes with a free website to test-drive the software. You can upgrade, downgrade, and add additional websites anytime.

Get a free account in our web content management system.

For a reasonable fee we’ll take any existing web site and get it ready to go as a template on the system. We’ll set up a single user account to let you get a feel for the tool and practice posting a piece of content to your own web site.

We provide easy to use, web based, content management system tools that allow you to add content to your site. Our tools work on PC and Mac browsers. You can even give some staff members content management control on some web pages while locking them out of others.

We charge you a reasonable monthly rate for the web sites you manage through us. Our monthly fee includes the use of our content management system plus all web site hosting charges. And, whenever you need help to create a page or element that requires a web professional, we’re here to help as needed.

Request a free account in our web content management system.

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