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Repurpose case studies for higher ROI

When it comes to differentiating and nurturing for high-value sales, content is king. And case studies reign as king of high-ROI content.

In addition to building credibility and trust, case studies enable prospects to step into the shoes of your satisfied client. They are also one of the most passed around content items within a prospect's decision-making team.

To lift case study ROI, you can repurpose content in several ways:

*Core content for newsletters, websites, award entries, and press releases

*Hook/opener in direct mail letters

*Hook for a business brief offered in exchange for contact information

*Podcast content

*Seminar segments

*Focus for a speaking opportunity pitch, which can even land opportunities to jointly present with the end customer

Regardless of how you repurpose case study content, your prospects are certain to find the actual real-world experiences as relevant and compelling.

And the fact that your company offers a stable of case studies says, in itself, "We are confident about the quality of our work and strength of our client relationships. We understand how you evaluate potential partners."

How have you repurposed case studies?

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