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2010 Marketing Planning – Facts From MarketingSherpa

stopwatchBy Rebekah E. Donaldson

Everyone is supposed to be nailing down their plans for 2010 marketing efforts. What will go in your 2010 marketing plan?

As I write this, MarketingSherpa’s 6th Annual B2B Marketing Summit 2009 in San Francisco is winding down. And I don’t want it to be over. Every session, every speaker, and every piece of content was focused on helping attendees conquer the challenges of B2B marketing.

Here are links to get some of the facts you need for smart 2010 marketing planning.

Every marketer needs practical, up-to-the-minute planning and budgeting help when it comes to 2010 planning. And with B2B case studies, examples, and statistics from MarketingSherpa, you can justify spending using real-life results and plan new programs based on actual trends.

Here are some questions you may be thinking about this Fall, and my ideas on finding answers:

Q: What are the best-value ways to generate leads in 2010?

a. Let’s start with tactics to be wary of:

  • Don’t depend on bought or rented email addresses — even if it’s somehow legal to email lists of strangers, your time is better spent pulling in prospects and building a permission-based house list
  • Don’t  depend on cold calling — even if you can get past the front desk and call screening and voicemail jail, interrupting an executive is getting off on the wrong foot
  • Don’t depend on a Flash video or wesite – usually, search engines can’t ‘read’ them and many busy business decision makers will skip them altogether
  • Don’t rely on mailed letters — it’s increasingly expensive (think Fed Ex envelope made lumpy with some sort of item enclosed, etc etc) to get your mail opened… much less past the gatekeeper

b. If you only get one Sherpa resource, make it the 6th Annual ‘B2B Marketing Benchmark Report 2009-10’.

In it you’ll see:

  • 2,631 marketing professionals surveyed
  • 157 charts & tables
  • First Ever: Social Media Marketing section
  • 7 Marketing Insight sections, including: ‘Strategies & Tactics for a Rebounding Economy’
  • 10 practical how-to best practices from the field

Search Marketing Benchmark Report 2009-10

Search Marketing Benchmark Report 2009-10

Q: How should I balance PPC and SEO in 2010?

Should you bump up Adwords investment or focus on organic search?

a. Check out Cris Rominger’s article Effective Search Engine Optimization

b. Check out my article What’s Wrong with this Google Adwords Ad?

c. Consider diving deeper into what works and what’s a waste of time using Search Marketing Benchmark Report 2009-10. In it you’ll see:

  • 679 marketers surveyed
  • 176 charts and tables
  • Stats on conversion, cost-per-click, and clickthrough rates
  • Special Section: Worldwide & regional search
  • Special Section: Critical Factors in SEO
  • Special Section: Testing & ROI Tracking (B2B & B2C)

Q: Is business use of Twitter a flash in the pan?

a. Maybe. But probably you should get involved anyway. Here are 9 articles we’ve offered related to the business use of Twitter.

2009 Social Media Marketing and PR
2009 Social Media Marketing and PR 

b. Next, consider this resource: 2009 Social Media Marketing and PR: Benchmarks and Best Practices. In it you’ll see:

  • 157 charts and tables on the emerging state of Social Media marketing
  • 13 practical how-to best practices from the field
  • Discover how Social Media is changing PR
  • Find out the metrics and budgets of Social Media marketing
  • Special report: Using Social Networking Sites for Demand Generation
  • Special Section: “9 Steps to Social Marketing Success”

And now a question for you. What will you do differently in 2010?

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