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Webinar Marketing Checklist: 13 steps to get attendees & leads

b2b webinar inbound marketingHere is a checklist we made for a client to capture how to combine inbound marketing tactics to get the best attendance and leads from putting on a series of webinars. This checklist complements a Webinar Campaign Countdown Timeline that we'll publish separately.

Tactics to get best value from putting on a webinar

Tailor the following depending on whether you want a very specific or broad audience:

  1. Feature a customer if possible.
  2. Search optimized landing page.
  3. Search optimized press release.
  4. Compelling email invitation and reminder.
  5. Call by account managers to "most-wanted" attendees.
  6. List all webinars on the Events page of the company website. Include "register now" buttons.
  7. Run an opt-in mailing list for anyone interested in these type of events. An email goes out every two weeks with all upcoming Webinars.
  8. Blog about upcoming Webinars. Profile the speakers, preview the content, and include the 'register today' call to action.
  9. Promote the webinar series on your Facebook page. Consider offering something special for anyone who becomes a “fan” -- but take care as this can come across wrong and backfire.
  10. Promote through Twitter.
  11. Promote within a few LinkedIn groups. Follow each group's rules for such promotional items. Post to each individually with a tie-in to make sure the info is relevant to group members.
  12. Brainstorm at least 3 questions. Plant questions in audience if needed.
  13. Prepare the webinar follow-up email to go out right after webinar wrap-up; include a value-add or related offer and send to both attendees and no-shows.

NOTE: If possible, create a tracking URL for each marketing channel. That way you can better track where you’re having the most success.

Comments? Question? Chime in.

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