B2B website ROI: 12-point checklist

A recent B2B study by Enquirio reports a full 92% of respondents turn to online resources in the early stages of the buying cycle. And 77% named Google as their first choice.

Is your website working hard enough for you?

Is your website paying off in new contacts, qualified leads, new business, and publicity – and keeping you in consideration throughout all phases of the buying cycle?

Higher B2B website ROI comes from smart site design, development, and content. If you need to get more from your site, here are 12 ways to check its performance. 

1. Does your site have a goal – a purpose?

  • Have you identified how your site contributes to your business goals?
  • Have all stakeholders agreed on its purpose?
  • Have you identified the strategies and tactics needed to achieve your objectives?
  • Have you identified how you will measure and track results? 

2. Have you identified your audience – and what keeps them up at night?

Smart B2B marketers know that sales are the result of lengthy decision making processes and create their sites as lead generation tools that offer information prospects want.

  • Have you identified the different information needs of the different audience groups?
  • Have you created content that speaks to their needs and interests?
  • Do you know what you want visitors to do once they find your site?  

3. Does your site design support your brand identity and communicate professionalism?

  • Is your look and feel appropriate for your industry/market?
  • Is your presentation error-free: no broken links, misspellings, or other blunders than label you less than professional?
  • Do you know how your site appears in different browsers? At different resolutions? On different operating systems?  

4. Can a new visitor or prospect determine easily what you do and who you serve?

  • Do you communicate a clear value proposition?
  • Is your site organized for your visitors?
  • Can your visitors find their way around and accomplish the tasks they set out to perform quickly and easily - without getting lost, confused, or frustrated?  

5. Are the paths to information clear?

  • Is the navigation user-focused?
  • Do you have clear orientation and instructive labeling?
  • Is there an effective search function?  

6. Does your content instill trust and credibility?

  • Do you have case studies, testimonials, and research that communicate your credibility?
  • Do you have certifications, awards, and affiliations that communicate trust?
  • Does your content help educate prospects as they move through their decision making process?
  • Do you include tools and resources to assist prospects in their decision making? 

7. Is your content formatted for online readers?

  • Do you use clear visual hierarchies and labeling to help visitors focus?
  • Do you chunk and label content and use bullet lists to assist in scanning?
  • Do you use tables or matrices to easily convey and/or compare information that can get lost in text?
  • Do you have effective anchor points to draw attention (hero shots, photos, graphics) and use them to guide visitors?  

8. Does your writing compel visitors to take action?

  • Does your content present benefits and information in a clear and compelling way?
  • Does your content provide multiple opportunities to engage, convert, and generate leads?
  • Are your calls to action above the fold?
  • Do you offer different alternatives to allow for multi-step relationship building?  

9. Is your content portable?

B2B buyers work via committees and often share findings with the group or pass information along to decision makers.

Do you provide accessible, portable content your visitors can grab and share? 

10. Do you have a newsletter?

Even though a visitor might not be ready to buy or take another step at your site, they may sign up for a newsletter offering valuable information. Newsletters can help you keep in touch with, and in front of, your prospects so your name is top-of-mind at decision making time.

  • Are you asking newly acquired leads if they are interested in receiving your newsletter?
  • Are you sending it to your customers with their permission?  

11. Does your site make it easy for someone to contact you?

Are there multiple ways to request assistance or more information? Via phone, email, forms, downloads, etc? 

12. Is your site optimized for search engines?

Over 85-90% of B2B buyers use search to find products and services. And most turn to Google.

Will buyers find you if they search to solve a problem or find a solution they describe in their own terms?  

Bonus question: what if you get the results you want?

If your site works the way it should and produces new contacts and leads, do you have a system in place for handling, scoring, and nurturing inbound leads – until they are ready to pass to sales?

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