About B2B

Business to business marketing strategy and digital marketing services.

Dedicated to trust-based marketing since 2001

B2B Communications is a B2B marketing agency helping marketing directors and business owners engage more potential clients, while using limited resources. 

Experienced leaders hire B2B to ensure marketing decisions, content, and design are in good hands. We recommend and implement, often eliminating unnecessary marketing spending in the process.  

Since starting in 2001, trust-first marketing has helped us serve Allstate, Cisco, Ethoca, Interactive Intelligence, Sutter, Swagelok, Synopsis, TechAmerica, Touchstone, and dozens of smaller businesses—with some relationships lasting 10+ years.

At our Case Studies page, view examples of our work with an industrial supplier, innovation training organization, enterprise compliance company, and other clients.

"We hired Rebekah to develop a roadmap for a major shift in our business. She took us through a structured process—great job! Smart, pragmatic, high integrity person who thinks in terms of results, profitability and delivery NOW."

Barrie D., Managing Partner, SAP Global