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Email marketing – dinosaur?

With all the buzz around newer marketing channels – blogging, RSS feeds, mobile marketing, and podcasting – it’s easy to question the value of email marketing. Is it still performing?

Is it time to reallocate resources or even replace email? (Eeek!)

Not by a long shot.

Email marketing is still king when it comes to: 

  • Keeping prospects warm and nurtured throughout lengthy B2B sales cycles 
  • Upselling existing customers 
  • Generating more high-quality leads 
  • Feeding sales the intelligence it needs to convert more leads to sales 
  • Strengthening relationships overall

In fact, this year 78% of 3,600 marketers surveyed by MarketingSherpa said that the impact of email marketing is increasing. Some reported a slow increase; some a significant increase. Bottom line, email still packs a punch.

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