Custom Marketing Materials

    B2B buyers are looking to educate themselves, and marketing materials can help to increase buyers' comfort level with your company. From concept to production, we can help with custom marketing materials design and copywriting that encourage prospects to take the next step.


    Summarize your value to clients.

    There's an art to conveying your company's message in a few short pages. Done well, content and images help prospects quickly grasp the value you bring.

    Case studies

    Show an example of your best work.

    A powerful case study looks at real-world problems and shows how your company solved them. Readers respond because they can see your company's style embodied in real people, and how that sets you apart from the competition. 


    Produce timely insights by publishing e-books, and you'll earn valuable new links and opportunities. But self-publishing has its own rules and etiquette. It's about guiding and engaging your readers. We can help you find the right topic, answer sourcing questions, and get started.

    Executive bios

    People like to do business with people.

    Do your customers and prospects know who you are? Show your team's expertise with thoughtful executive bios that tell and story and inspire confidence in the reader. We help you share with prospects how you got where you are today.

    Fact sheets

    Pull out key points about your product or service.

    Quick and simple, a fact sheet puts all the key points in one handy place. Prospects and customers can tell at a glance what they need to know about your company, a new product, or a planned implementation.

    Guides and whitepapers

    Give prospects a solid understanding of an issue.

    An informed customer can more easily relax and discuss an issue, making it easier to show how your company can help. Guides and whitepapers act as primers on a topic, giving the reader a solid understanding of the basics.

    Make a simple, powerful statement with your logo and business cards.

    Today your logo has to work as tiny square icon in a browser address (look at our icon in your browser bar, for example) to 50-foot long banner hanging from the ceiling of a trade show hall... and also on business cards and in email marketing. We'll help ensure that you develop a forward-thinking logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, presentation folder, and related items.


    Extraordinarily cost-effective... if done right

    Email is a fast, inexpensive way to get your marketing message to a target audience. But approach it the wrong way and your message will be treated as spam. We help you get into inboxes, opened, and read.

    Podcasts and webcasts

    Help clients and prospects learn from you -- on their own schedules

    Think of a podcast as radio on demand, but the content is all yours. It's an audio equivalent to blogging. Your busy audience still gets to hear your message, but on their own schedules. It's inexpensive to make seminar material available as a Webcast, too. Your words, demonstrations, slides and supporting video stay handy for all to see at their convenience.


    Show your unique expertise

    Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is all you need to produce a concise, engaging presentation. If you need to create one from scratch, we can help you work backward from the main take-away point to identify all and only the essential content.

    Press releases

    Attract the right attention

    How do you engage the right Internet audience, media contacts and bloggers without annoying them? Press releases can help. We'll help you with writing and optimizing press releases.

    Sales tools

    Help close deals

    Ensure your powerful marketing messages get integrated into sales tools and practices that get new sales members up and running quickly, build collaborative relationships, and help close more deals faster.

    About B2B Communciations

    We are a business to business (B2B) marketing agency helping companies accelerate trust, leads, and growth. We help Marketing Directors and Business Owners engage more potential clients, while using limited resources. Allstate, National Business Group on Health, Sutter Health, Surewest, and Swagelok, as well as dozens of $1M-$50M firms have hired us since 2001. Close teamwork with clients has helped produce roughly $275M worth of new sales opportunities over the last decade.

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