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    B2B Website Design & Development

    Ashley Irving

    B2B specializes in building B2B websites that are polished, user-friendly lead generation machines. Ashley Irving is our lead website designer and developer. Ashley leverages advanced CSS and HTML skills, detailed understanding of HubSpot software (she has served as HubSpot's Technical Support Supervisor), and a decade of graphic design experience to build and finetune client websites.

    Ashley's work experience includes serving as a Technical Project Manager at interlinkONE, a role where she supported customers using the company's software and led technical projects requiring knowledge of HTML, CSS, Wordpress, PHP, SQL, jquery, XMPIE and Adobe Creative Suite products. Before that, she advanced at HubSpot from Support Engineer to Technical Support Supervisor. As HubSpot's Technical Support Supervisor, she managed as many as 12 Tier 1 Support Reps, handled technical and service-related escalations as well as cross-department project management, spearheaded a project to provide a more personal technical setup process for new customers, and helped hire new tier 1 and tier 2 Support Reps as the department tripled in size.

    Ashley is passionate about ensuring that clients are not handed shiny websites that are hard to use and easy to break. She ensures client websites have a flexible and reusable framework. When she builds a site in HubSpot, for example, she builds flexible columns and widget areas everywhere. This means the client can make changes to their site easily -- without having to waste time redoing the code. She is also a master of site-wide and on-page information architecture, visualizing the components needed on each type of web page, and how they’re going to work together coherently. The result: websites that engage visitors and can be managed by non-technical people.

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