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Experienced leaders hire B2B to ensure marketing decisions, content, and design are in good hands. We recommend and implement, often eliminating unnecessary marketing spending in the process.  


Marketing is a crowded, noisy world. Gartner Group counts 13 functions and 52 specializations in the industry. Getting where you need to go safely and quickly is alot easier with a versatile, seasoned marketing consultant then without.

Trust-first marketing has helped us serve Allstate, Cisco, Ethoca, Interactive Intelligence, Sutter, Swagelok, Synopsis, TechAmerica, Touchstone, and dozens of smaller businesses—with some relationships lasting 10+ years.


Rebekah Donaldson, Founder & Sr. Marketing Consultant

View examples of our work with an industrial supplier, innovation training organization, and enterprise compliance company.

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"Time and again I’ve seen her take promising companies, help them leverage the web, marketing software, creative content, and refined online lead generation; and get the businesses they work with to the next level."

- Pete C., VP/Sales

Ingram Micro

"Rebekah has been a wonderful collaborator in helping us "raise our game" when it comes to Marketing. She has not only been a creative visionary but has also excelled at the tactical execution that turns ideas into action and results."

- Jeff P., Dir/VAR Program


"Business Communications Group [our name before 2015] came strongly recommended by those in their industry. In a competitive process, they stood out. And their results revealed regional physicans' perceptions."

- Lori T., Dir/Marketing

SAP Global

"We hired Rebekah to develop a roadmap for a major shift in our business. She took us through a structured process—great job! Smart, pragmatic, high integrity person who thinks in terms of results, profitability and delivery NOW."

- Barrie D., Managing Partner

B2B Communications in Action

Strategic guidance at every step. Message development. Marketing plan. Branding. Linking tactics. Sales enablement. ROI reporting.

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